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Letter to the Editor

Published: August 10, 2017 12:00 AM

There's a fine line drawn when it comes to crossing over from a teenager to an adult.

The crossing of that fine line may be easier for the teen to cross but not so much for us adults, parents, grandparents, authoratative voices, etc.

I'd like to think that I am the kind of grandmother who has that soft voice; easy going nature; roll with the punches; goodie two-shoes (love that goodie two shoes) and just make it all better for the confused, struggling, mini adult that is standing in front of me reminding me of the fact that I am out-dated in every aspect of my life with my white tennis shoes and my knee hi capris and my "big" hair and my bright bright red lipstick and my "far out" dance moves to that out-dated so called singer, Jerry Lee Lewis who plays the piano with his feet and screams "Goodness Gracious Great Balls Of Fire!!" Damn!

Where in the world did that great Jerry Lee go? However, I am not that grandmother. Most of the time I am vocal and out in left field which brings me to this letter-to-the-editor.

One of our granddaughters turned 21 last September. Pre-college; pre-21st birthday; pre-car owner; pre-everything, she was,(hhmmm .... be careful Terry) pre-unaffected. Now she has opinions. And to top it off, she never asked me if she could even have opinions. Out of the blue and with zero warning, she comes up with these ideas and conclusions without any assistance from the seasoned one. She thinks for herself. Bummer. She can find Canton all by herself. Sad. And she has a job. Freedom. And the other day her and I got into our very first confrontation.

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After 21 years vs 76 years, I found myself trying to convince this newborn baby that I was right and she was wrong and not doing it my way would be a mistake and she came back with a hard stance backed up with data that blew my mind and I found my seasoned self slipping off my throne. Slowly but surely, I was rethinking my thinking plus I was wondering where this youngster acquired her vocal attributes and the fortitude to stand her ground.

Here's the deal: The other day I decided to call my 21-year-old granddaughter, Delaney Rae. I told her I admired her for standing her ground and voicing her opinion. And its not because I don't know she has brains but rather I'm used to thinking I have more brains.

So, I said to her "Hey D, when and how did you turn into a pretty darn good debater and not let the ground shake beneath your feet?"

And she came back at me and said the coolest thing: She said, "Hey Grandma, when I gotta' little attitude coming towards me, I don't shake."

Yes. Yes. There before the Grace of God go I.

Terry Vahila


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