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Letter to the Editor

Published: July 13, 2017 12:00 AM

So, I was reading the Newsleader; Thursday June 29 edition: page A4; Article on the Malvern Beautification Project headed up by Karen Wackerly and the team of fine folks who got out there and planted flowers, but, I was not so struck by their ideas and fortitude to put the time and effort into this idea, but rather by their talent and abilities to get out there and be able to grow a darn flower.

There is no doubt in my mind that many, many readers out there have flower gardens and veggie gardens. One may say "Well, Vahila, it is not like its rocket science for heavens sake, its flowers. A little water here. A little food there. Fertilizer; and tender care. Slam bam thank you mam!"

I have a flower garden and a veggie garden. And as I write this letter about the flowers and the veggies, I can honestly say they are sad. I know. I know. But to me it is easier to care for children than flowers. With flowers, one has to do every single thing for them. That Petunia cannot feed itself; water itself; clean itself; plant itself in the ground or the pot; find the sunshine itself or move in and out of the rain so it doesn't keel over and end up crooked.

Last year I planted a veggie garden. I gathered my little packet of seeds at Home Depot; got some wood out of the garage; made a little square area in the garden area with a wood border; dug a bunch of rows; got on my hands and knees and put those little damn seeds carefully and systematically in those rows; watered them lightly; sat back and admired my efforts and not one single solitary carrot, bean, potato, corn, and tomato rose to the occasion.

Maybe I am missing something. Maybe the life of a flower is not so simple. Maybe I should appreciate its purpose. Sort of like people.

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A few weeks ago, a friend of mine died. Not a close friend. Nonetheless, a friend and a wonderful person. A flower to be sure. And a super family who miss him terribly.

Here's the deal: Make certain you appreciate your flowers.

Terry Vahila


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