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A poem about Macon's return visit to the pound

Published: June 15, 2017 12:00 AM

Yesterday (June 5) Macon went back to his roots. For those of you who don't know Macon Jake Roosevelt Vahila, he is our dog. The reason Macon Jake Roosevelt Vahila has that name is because his given name is Macon but I tried to change it to Jake but then I felt bad because I wouldn't want someone to change my name and Roosevelt was the street we met the lady from the pound group who passed Macon onto us and, then, of course, last name is Vahila. I do think the entire name gives him stature. He's the only Vahila who has stature.

Anyway, he did reside in the Carroll County Pound for the first year of his life. I wrote a poem about his adventures. He was difficult. People would come to the pound and take him home and then they would take him back to the pound. I came to identify with that. Macon was a hard nut to crack, but one day he and I had a meeting of the minds.

I had to go to the pound this week. Took some hefty bags of dog food. The Pounds and Humane Society could use our help. Food; supplies; treats; toys, all kinds of help, so I told Macon we were going to head on down to his first home and would he like to go and he said he would ride along if we could stop at the Dairy Queen. I like the way Macon thinks. When we got there I asked him if he would like to see his old residence. He was ok with that. It was nice and clean. Friendly neighbors. Made a lot of friends. Food was ok but not like he gets today. He has his favorites, like the Golden Arches; Subway cookies; a Taco here and there.

Its been four years since he was there and he was glad to see how clean it was and how the new guys and gals in town are being well taken care of until some nice kind folks come and take them to their own Forever Home. And Macon Jake doesn't have the talent to write about things like I do. His paws don't hold a pen well or type on a computer so Macon Jake Roosevelt Vahila asked me to share his message and let you know his thoughts when he was homeless. Here is his deal:

"Sometimes I was hungry; sometimes I was cold;

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Some friends were young and some friends were old;

But when I found shelter in the place called the Pound;

I was happy to be where maybe I would be Found;

But while I was there, I was warm and had food;

Probably because all of you did so much good."

It doesn't take much, folks. A bag of dog food; maybe a can or two. A few dog bones or a handful of treats. Now and then a warm blanket orbed along with a smile or pat on the head. Macon Jake didn't have much at one given time but he was lucky to have his In-Between Home until he could find his Forever Home.

I'm going to ask you guys out there to dig down deep and donate whatever you can to support our rescue pets; pound pets; Humane Society pets and if you have a special space in your home that is not being used, maybe you could consider using that space for a really appreciative pet who would love to have his or her very own Forever Home like Macon and so many others have.

Now, its time for me and Macon to add a new route for our Donut Runs. IE; In-Between Homes. Pounds. Shelters. Want to join us?

Terry Vahila


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