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Kent State University/tusc.

Kent State Tuscarawas, located at 330 University Drive, NE, New Philadelphia, offers 19 associate degrees and eight bachelor's degrees. The campus facilities include Founders Hall and the Science and Advanced Technology Center, which houses laboratory and classroom space for science, nursing and workforce development. A 50,000-square-foot, $17.5 million Performing Arts Center is currently under construction and projected to be completed in the fall of 2010

Kent State Tuscarawas Mission Statement:

The Tuscarawas Campus of Kent State University is unique in that it is Ohio's only locally owned Regional Campus. The Campus has its own Board of Trustees, who hold legal title to the Campus property and physical facilities and who contract with Kent State University to provide services to its service area on a renewable basis.

To an extent, the goals and objectives of the Tuscarawas Campus are determined by the practical and philosophical considerations of Kent State University and the Ohio Board of Regents. For example, matters such as admissions policies and degree program offerings are beyond local control. Still, the regional campus concept creates unique opportunities to respond to community needs through the use of Kent State University's resources and expertise. Consequently, the Tuscarawas Campus has, since its inception, attempted to discover and fulfill the educational requirements of this area by polling local business, industry, and institutions to determine their current and future needs so that program offerings may be tailored to their specifications. Each degree program has an advisory board composed of local people who have an interest and expertise in the field. This procedure has grown to such an extent that more than one hundred citizens serve on the various advisory boards.

There is no adjoining institution of higher education in Tuscarawas County or in the surrounding five counties. Because this region has a relatively low population density and growth rate, future development of the Tuscarawas Campus is not likely to depend upon providing higher education opportunities to massive number of students. On the contrary, qualitative development of this Campus is necessary to improve accessibility of higher educational opportunities for area residents.

Presently, no state-assisted institution may deny admission to a graduate of an accredited Ohio high school. To maintain academic standards of excellence, though, the Campus recognizes that universal admission does not guarantee continued enrollment. Still, this institution has an obligation to create the opportunities for students to develop their academic potential.

In accord with general aims of Kent State University, the Tuscarawas Campus is dedicated to teaching; to providing appropriate public services; and, as further appropriate, to advancing knowledge through the professional development and activities of its faculty. The Tuscarawas Campus is an integral part of the greater Kent State University community of scholars and is an important intellectual, cultural, scientific, and technological resource for its service area. Its primary concern is the students; and it endeavors to provide the academic atmosphere, the human associations, and the discipline vital to the students’ sound intellectual growth and character development. The various programs of curricular and extracurricular activities are designed to prepare and develop the students as a whole, to prepare them for a vocation, and to help them realize their potential as contributing members of society. The Tuscarawas Campus makes available its variety of cultural, educational, technological, and other resources to its area and to society at large.

Because it was established in response to a specific request from community leadership and because it is locally owned, the Tuscarawas Campus intends to continue relying upon advisor boards of local citizens to assist in the identification of local needs so that it may tailor programs specifically to those needs. The Tuscarawas Campus will continue to strive to provide quality education to a student body that is commuting and whose resources of time and finances may be limited. This Campus will therefore provide a varied year-round schedule with both day and evening classes as well as credit, non-credit, four-year transfer, and associate degree offerings. This Campus will capitalize upon the university partnership with its distinct advantages of expertise, services, and staff. This Campus will seek to coordinate its services with those of the Kent Campus to provide maximum services at minimum costs to the students, faculty, and community. At the local level, the Tuscarawas Campus seeks to articulate education programs and student life programs with community resources.