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Lincolnway Nutrition opens in Minerva

By SARA KLEIN News Leader Staff Writer Published: January 26, 2017 12:00 AM
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Herb Hatfield was looking for a way to lose weight when he heard about an event sponsored by California-based nutrition and weight management company Herbalife.

He attended the event, spoke with other attendees who said they had lost weight, and found out that they were using Herbalife meal replacement shakes to help them do that.

"I got to meeting all these people and talking to them about how healthy they're getting and how much weight they've lost," said Hatfield. "There's 21 vitamins and minerals in one shake. There's up to 24 grams of protein, and it's only 250 calories per shake. They keep you full. It's like, I'm getting all of this and a handful of calories."

Inspired, Hatfield decided to bring the Herbalife method back to Minerva. After attending the company's training course, Hatfield and his mother-in-law Martha, who owns an Herbalife business in Massillon, opened Lincolnway Nutrition at 509 ° E. Lincolnway.

Customers who visit Lincolnway Nutrition will experience a three-step "meal" that Hatfield said is designed to help them lose weight when they replace one or two of their conventional meals each day with a shake.

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The experience begins with a shot of Herbalife aloe water, a mildly mango-flavored beverage that Hatfield said is intended to soothe the digestive system.

Next comes a small glass of iced herbal tea, which the customer drinks to make the body rev up its temperature. Hatfield said drinking the tea alone can burn up to 80 calories while the customer waits as the shake is prepared.

More than 100 flavors of shakes range from caramel butterscotch to coconut crush, brownie batter, peanut butter cup, berry flavors, coffee flavors, and many more, including new flavors like oatmeal scotchie and orange blossom. There is even a flavor called "cinnamon toast crunch."

The sweet flavors do not come with sugar overloads. Hatfield said all of the shakes on the menu contain fewer than 9 grams of sugar.

Shakes are made with water, shake mix, and ice, which makes them both gluten- and lactose-free. However, Hatfield noted that customers with allergies should let the Lincolnway Nutrition staff know, as specialty shakes to accommodate their needs are available.

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Kids can join in the experience too. Hatfield said parents can request shakes with or without protein for their kids, although all shakes will feature the full Herbalife mix of vitamins and minerals.

The tab for the three-course experience comes in at $6 total. Hatfield said customers who plan to visit often might want to request the Lincolnway Nutrition card, which grants them a free shake after they purchase 10. Canisters of shake mix powder are also available with prices depending on the type of mix.

Customers can get their shakes to go, or they can sit a while and use the business's free WiFi service.

As part of its move to help customers with their weight loss goals, Lincolnway Nutrition will also soon offer fitness classes.

"We're getting ready to do some yoga classes, beginner's and more advanced. We're getting ready to start an exercise class, and we're getting ready to do a nine-week weight challenge program," said Hatfield.

Classes will feature instructional videos that Hatfield will show on a screen in the business's seating area as well as help from on-site fitness teachers. Customers who want to take the next step can sign up for the weight loss challenge, which will award all fees collected from participants to the first-, second-, and third-place winners who lose the most weight during the program.

Lincolnway Nutrition is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday and from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. The business is on Facebook: see the webpage for news about new flavors, classes and more.

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